USMC OCS Workout: Crunches and Flutterkicks

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Candidate Question:

Could you give an example of a typical crunch/flutterkick workout for this program? Many thanks.


Certainly. Doing several sets of 30 crunches and 20 flutterkicks (Left Up, Right Up, Left Up, Right Up = One) with a little rest to yell in between. For your personal workouts, let your own body be the guide and do as many sets of 30 crunches and 20 flutterkicks you need to get some good burn. Remember you can overdo it though. Feel free to rest in between sets.
I would start here:
  1. 50 Crunches, rest one minute, 50 Flutterkicks
  2. 40 Crunches, rest 90 seconds, 40 Flutterkicks
  3. 25 Crunches, rest 90 seconds, 25 Flutterkicks
  4. 15 Crunches, rest two minutes, 15 Flutterkicks

Scale up or down as you need to.

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