How I Got Accepted to Marine Corps OCS in 2012

From a helpful candidate with a sparkling resume. Friends, this is how you let your resume speak for itself to the board!

“I was on the board for October OCC.

I was very uneasy about what my results would be since I knew how competitive thing have gotten over the last year or two. I was fortunate to be selected. Here were some of my credentials for those still looking:

PFT: 295
GPA: 3.15 from UW-Madison
ACT: 27
6 recommendation letters, including 1 from a Mustang Recon Marine.


-Established and led “Madison Platoon” which is a pool of all officer applicants/candidates in my area. We would meet twice a week for PT, and coordinated volunteer/community service activities. I drafted a report for each meeting with attendance, activity summary, and my conclusion to the event which I would send to my OSO afterwards so my leadership was documented. I would highly suggest doing something like this, and if you don’t have other officer candidates/applicants around, go to the enlisted recruiters office and talk to them. They love working with future officers.

-Student Government executive

-Coached 2nd grade flag football

-Trainer for bartenders and Servers at a Darden Restaurant

-Gave presentations on leadership through communication through a school club

-Taught boxing and muay thai classes at my MMA Gym

-PT with enlisted Marine Corps poolees and participated in firing range events

OSO Milwaukee PT
If your local OSO station doesn’t do unit PT, organize some! Show some leadership one way or another.


I have a variety of other athletic/community service resume builders as well, both of which helped very much to get selected. My OSO told me they are looking for people of SERVICE who want to help others, as opposed to being selfishly motivated. Community Service, volunteer opportunities etc… will go a long way. Try volunteering time at your local VA!”

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  1. My name is Andrew and I was hoping to get people’s opinions on my strengths and weaknesses. I am a current law student with one year left and I have gone in for an initial interview about either a ground or law contract.

    PFT: 255 (Just did it to see where I stood, I am working on improving this with more running/pullups)
    College GPA: 3.4 in International Relations/Chinese from a top 50 liberal arts college
    Law School GPA: 2.9 (Around the 50% mark in class rank).
    ACT: 26 (Taken in 2004)
    Experience: I was an RA in college and did 1 year teaching ESL before law school. I work 20 hrs/wk in law school and volunteer at the local Chinese community center.
    Letters of Rec: 3 (Law School Prof; Current Boss; former Marine Federal Judge I worked for in the past.)

    Thank you for your time.

  2. 280 pft
    3.29 Business major from top 100 University
    Full Page of community involvement( BSA: Eagle Scout, current district committee member; volunteer at my church; was officer in a number of clubs in college; etc.)
    Good LOR ( From a retired Navy Pilot, a Reserve O-5, Professor, and former Employer)
    Tattoo Waiver( small Greek lettering on inner bicep)

    I was informed a few weeks ago by my OSO that my packet was not picked up at the regional level but was forwarded onto a supplemental national board; but he didn’t know much of anything about what exactly that meant except I still technically have a chance at OCC. My “Plan B” is to enlist and prove I am a willing and competent leader and hopefully make the transition down the road. This last application was my second so I have been told I can’t apply for the OCC program again thus the enlisting “Plan B” . I was curious if anyone might shed some light on what this whole supplemental broad stuff means, as well as any advice.

    Thank you in advance!

  3. My father is a former Marine and has always pounded the fact that leadership experience is a must when looking to enter OCS. The folks down at quantico don’t just want well built men with decent brain power. They are looking for the future leaders of their organization. Someone who can gather information, react and drive a path forward in stressful situations. Prove you have done this elsewhere and your chances go up greatly.

    Good luck

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